2023 Marzae Wine "P. strobus"

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Winemakers Notes:

Marzae Sauvage wines are inspired by the edible flora & fauna of New England. P. strobus (Eastern White Pine) is ubiquitous to Boston area woodlands. We think this wine is just as emblematic of the kinds of wines we can produce unique to our terroir as the white pine is to the local landscape. Like other pine species (and evergreens in general for that matter), P. strobus has a lightly citrusy and aromatic flavor/scent we think is naturally fitting for this slightly aromatic and brilliantly acidic, layered white wine.

Bottled unfined & unfiltered. Not cold stabilized. Minimal sulfites added at bottling (28ppm addition to assure shelf stability in compliance with the natural wine app Raisin’s definition “natural white wine” as below 40ppm). Wild yeast fermentation, kickstarted with our 100% Greater Boston Area foraged pied du cuve.

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