Atomic Coffee Roasters Single Origin Ethiopia Kochere

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Roasted 11/13/23

12 ounce bag

We Taste peach, black tea, floral
Region Yirgacheffe
Varietal Ethiopia Heirloom
Process Fully Washed
Elevation 1525 M


Kochere is a small area within the well-known Yirgacheffe coffee-growing region of Ethiopia, and we love showcasing the unique flavors this region has to offer! 

It is just south of the town of Yirgacheffe and is 250 miles southwest of Addis Ababa. The iron-rich acidic soil and high altitude of the region are ideal for growing specialty coffee, and the Kochere district is known for producing some of the most lively Yirgacheffe coffees in the region.  We will almost always have a washed coffee from Kochere in our lineup, because we source from a range of small producers throughout the year. 
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