Winery of the Month: La Garagista

As we approach the peak of the harvest, we celebrate our local farmers all over New England, whose herculean endurance of backbreaking work, vastly unpredictable weather and economic stress. This is the perfect moment for us to present the absolute best local winery: Barnard, Vermont's La Garagista.

If ever New England becomes more than a local curiosity in the vast world of wine (and we believe someday it will), we will have La Garagista to thank.

While Deirdre Heerkin and Caleb Barber were far from the first to plant vines in our suboptimal climes, they were the first to bring to the region the rigors of biodynamic viticulture. Marquette, frontenac, la crescent, and brianna may never be household names, but La Garagista has proven that world-class, natural wine can be made from these American hybrid grape varieties. With their worldly sensibility and real passion for the land they work, it's no wonder they and their wines have captured national and international attention. 

We consider ourselves fortunate to be among the handful of Massachusetts retailers to have introduced these wines to the market almost a decade ago. That feeling of good fortune continues this month, as we have seven of their wines in stock -- the most we've ever had at one time. "Loup d'Or", "Loups Garoux", "Vinu Jancu", and "Ci Confonde" are back, now joined by three new arrivals. "In A Dark Country Sky" is a fresh, chill-able whole cluster marquette; "Fleurine" is an equal parts co-fermentation of grapes and apples; and "Love Work Mountain" is our first taste of their "Field Studies" series, which in their words, is "an exploration of other landscapes in Vermont, and partnerships with other farmers." 

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