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July 2019

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Streetcar Monthly Pass. If you’ve already purchased a pass, thank you! If you haven’t, you should check out this page to learn how it works. Below you’ll find some information about each of this month’s six Monthly Pass selections. On to the wines!


2017 Vevi Rueda

appellation: Rueda
variety: verdejo

The wine region Rueda is located in the heart of Spain, in the southwestern part of Castilla y León. 
It is high in elevation and possesses a continental climate with wide shifts between very warm days and cold nights. The town of La Seca has a long tradition of winegrowing, and is the ancestral home for the noble verdejo grape. Vevi expresses the unique personality of the native verdejo grapes, along with the inherent qualities of La Seca terroir. It is a balanced, drinkable, and food-friendly white wine with no food pairing foes. 


2018 Oyster River Winegrowers American White Wine

appellation: NY via ME, USA
varieties: seyval blanc, cayuga

Grapes grown in New York, wine fermented and bottled in Maine!

A note from the winemaker:

Hello, my name is Brian Smith and I am the winemaker at Oyster River Winegrowers. I have a traditional education in winemaking from Fresno State University, but I use that knowledge base to make distinct wines in ways that may have been common in pre-industrial times. I believe my role in the winemaking process to be more nature's assistant than winemaker. Our winery is very low tech. We use no refrigeration in our winemaking process and our winery is just very gently heated through the winter with wood harvested from our farm. Most of our fermentations start spontaneously with native yeasts that occur on the fruit and in the cellar, and play out over the course of several months. We add nothing and take nothing away from the natural chemistry of the fruit. No acidulation, deacidification, chaptalization, amelioration, tannins, enzymes, or yeast nutrients are used. All of our Ciders and our Sparkling Wines are bottled without the addition of any sulfites and are not filtered. Our still wines are minimally sulfited and filtered gently where necessary. Our farm supplies the fruit for "Panacea", our homegrown traditional method sparkling wine, and a good portion of our Cider. In addition to these products I enjoy making wines with grapes from other regions that inspire me.


2018 Prisma Rosé

appellation: Casablanca Valley, Chile
varieties: pinot noir, cinsault

Prisma is 100% hand harvested, estate-grown wine that shows the true expression of the Casablanca Valley. The valley produces vibrant and fresh profiled wines due to the coastal, cool nature of the vineyards. The estate consists of multiple vineyards including some of the original plantings in Casablanca by Pablo Morande in 1982. The cool misty nights, hot sunny days, and light hand of the winemaker act as a prism to convert the grape into a complex and beautiful wine. We love the subtle fresh herbal (oregano?) aspect to this otherwise classic, fruity quaffer. Try it with grilled chicken or steak dressed with chimichurri.


2018 Dauny Rouge

appellation: Vin de Pays du Val de Loire, France
varieties: pinot noir, gamay

One look at this dot matrix-looking label and you won't be surprised to know that this wine was never intended to be commercialized. Vignoble Dauny is an excellent small producer in Sancerre, where sauvignon blanc rules the land. The small amount of red grapes harvested and vinified by Dauny are destined for their own households and maybe a stray local customer or two. Richard Kzirian asked for a few cases of this wine last year, which we quickly jumped on and doled out upon arrival. They got a little more of the 2018, and it's every bit as clean, bright, and picnic-worthy. Chill it down!


2016 Domaine A. Pegaz Brouilly

appellation: Brouilly (Beaujolais), France
variety: gamay

What better way to celebrate the national day of France, a.k.a. Bastille Day, a.k.a. le Quatorze Juillet, than with an organic gamay from the southern vineyards of Beaujolais! Not much more to say about this one, other than radish, butter, salt, baguette, repeat, repeat, repeat... Vive la France!


2016 Voerzio Martini "Lamorrina"

appellation: Langhe Freisa Frizzante
variety: freisa

We hope the rumors are wrong, but we recently heard this traditional style of lightly effervescent freisa is falling out of favor among the locals. What's not to like? Deep purple color, booming fruit-driven aromatics, beautiful acid/tannin structure buoyed by the gentlest of prickly carbon dioxide... what are we missing? Anyhow, enjoy this one with meats and cheeses or the best pizza you can muster.