What is the Monthly Wine Pass?

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The Monthly Wine Pass is a carefully selected package of wines to take home each month, with descriptions and pairing suggestions for each wine. Like the wines you'll find on our shelves, those selected for the Pass are made by passionate, conscientious, small-scale winemakers. And that's where the commonalities end. Your open mind will be rewarded with exciting new flavors coming from wines of practically limitless origins and viticultural philosophies. Our selections will reflect the season, so expect more whites and rosés in the summer and more reds in the winter.


Think of the Pass as a CSA farm share for wine. You can choose a pickup of two, four, six, or twelve bottles per month. The more bottles per month, the lower the price per bottle. We sell the passes in increments of three months to facilitate our purchasing. There's no savings in buying more than 3 months, though it may be more convenient or practical, especially if you're considering this as a gift. To order a six month Pass, simply order two three month passes.


All the information we need will be collected at checkout. We will notify you when your Pass is ready to pick up. If you're ordering a Pass as a gift, please notify us by email or phone. 


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